English as a Second Language

English Courses in Chicago

English Courses in Chicago

SOLEX Global partnered with Chicago-based Taylor Business Institute to offer international students an extraordinary opportunity to learn English in an immersive environment. The program starts once a month in downtown Chicago. Taylor's English language courses feature small class sizes to allow maximum student-teacher interaction. The program runs two days a week and is supplemented with 6 hrs/week English lab. You will receive an ESL (English as a Second Language) Certificate upon completion. Prepare to become comfortable with the English language and enjoy one of the America's greatest cities.

60 Week Program Certificate
1200 Clock Hours

The English as a Second Language Program allows non-native speakers to develop the English language proficiency necessary to succeed in academic or personal pursuits. There are seven levels of ESL classes. The first six are instructional classes leading up to the certificate level 106 the seventh level consists of a series of three seminar courses.

Program Outline:

  • ESL 101 Beginning Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 102 High Beginning Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 103 Intermediate Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 104 High Intermediate Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 105 Advanced Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 106 The Proficiency Level - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks
  • ESL 107 Advanced ESL Proficiency Seminar - 200 Clock Hours/10 Weeks

Class Schedule:

Each class meets for two days a week from 8:30am to 3:30pm

• Monday - Tuesday
• Wednesday - Thursday
• Friday - Saturday

Language Lab:

ESL students are also expected to complete their language lab hours (6 hours per week) on campus.

Language Lab Schedule:

Monday - Saturday from 8:30am to 6:30pm

Students are not allowed to do language labs during class time and must take six hours every week.

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition $1,050.00 per Quarter
Library Fee $25 per Quarter
Lab Fee $75 per Quarter

​Your study of English will go beyond the classroom. Chicago provides a vibrant and exciting background with world renowned art, culture and entertainment venues that will enrich your study of the English language!