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Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician

​The Associate of Applied Science in Accounting Technician familiarizes students with accounting fundamentals. Students will learn the recording functions of the accounting process as well as analyze, classify, and summarize financial reports and other similar documents. In addition to basic accounting skills, students in this program will receive advanced training focused on cost accounting and principles of business law. After one year of full-time studies International Students can receive a part-time CPT ( Curriculum Practical Training) for up to 20 hours per week. The U.S. Employment authorization through CPT allows international students to make money to help cover the costs of their education and gain valuable work experience in the United States. After completion, their degree program International Students can apply and received OPT (Optional Practical Training) for up to 12 months. OPT allows students to get real world work experience related to their field of study. Program Outline: All beginning first-year students enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science degree programs at Taylor Business Institute will complete 39 credit hours of general education course work prior to graduation with an associate degree.

Tuition: $4,725 per Quarter or $28,350 for six quarters

Tuition with Scholarship*: $17,650

Library fee: $25 per quarter or $150 for six quarters

Lab fee: $75 per quarter or $450 for six quarters

*International Student Scholarship - $10,700.00 This scholarship is intended for International Students who are seeking professional preparation for workplace skills. International Students applying for this scholarship must demonstrate academic achievement. These scholarships require students to maintain satisfactory attendance and a GPA of 3.0.


Program Hours 20 per week
Tuition $28,350

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