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The John Hancock Center, finished in 1970, is the fourth highest building in Chicago, standing at 1,500 feet with two antennas. An Observatory is located on the 94th floor which gives a 360° view of the city. The observatory is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. It has won many awards for its distinctive style, including the Distinguished Architects Twenty-five Year Award from the American Institute of Architects. It is considered to have one of the Top 10 most beautiful views in America.

Once you are up, you are able to appreciate a fascinating view of different points in the city. If you look to the north, you are able to see the curves of the Lakefront and Lakeshore Drive as well as some touristic hotspots like Lincoln Park Zoo. If you turn to the east, you will appreciate the magnificence of the Lake Michigan (one of the five great lakes of America) and a detailed view of Navy Pier. To the west you will see a little bit of the city, some neighborhoods and highways. Finally, if you look south you will see an alluring view of Downtown, part of the skyline including the Willis and Trump Towers, and even Museum Campus and Soldier Field.

Furthermore, the TILT experience gives you unique, downward facing views from 1,000 feet up over the Magnificent Mile and the skyline, but with a sensation of falling or flying. This attraction is the first one of its kind and definitely a must see in Chicago.

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