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Museum of Science and Industry

Posted in Life in Chicago by Stefanie on 13 Jul 2016

One of the good things about Chicago is that it has plenty of options that make your free time enjoyable, no matter the temperature outside, which day of the week it is, or even what your preferences are. Chicago always has an option for making your stay an unforgettable time. Getting bored in this city is definitely a difficult task, which is what also makes it so attractive for students from all around the world. Being a student in Chicago means that you can learn while you have fun and interact with people from so many different countries. That is what happened when we decided to go to one of the most interesting and interactive museums in the city: The Museum of Science and Industry.

The Museum of Science and Industry is located on the south side of the city, in Hyde Park to be specific; just between the lake and the University of Chicago. With 400,000 square feet, the MSI is one of the largest science museums in the world (another extra point for Chicago!) and offers around 2,000 exhibitions (yes, 2,000). Most of them are included on the regular ticket and ‘free-for-residents’ day. There are small ones, where you can experiment climate change, physics laws, human evolution, physical health, and so on. Also, visitors can experience flying simulators and the creation of their own tornadoes.

Can you imagine traveling from Chicago to Seattle within minutes? From the Willis Tower to the Space Needle? It is possible at the MSI. The Great Train Story exhibition teaches you everything about this transportation method, showing you a miniature exhibition from both cities and miniature trains that really move. Other cool exhibitions are the Whispering Gallery, Yesterday's Main Street, and Earth Revealed. Also, paid exhibitions such as Brick by Brick from LEGO, Robots, and the Transportation Gallery are worth every dollar that it costs.

A SOLEX experience is not only about learning and enjoying a museum, it is about interacting with students from different countries, and finding out similarities and differences between us. Making friends overseas beyond classrooms is possible during all our field trips. Are you in for the next one?