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Useful Expressions at the Airport

Posted in English Language by Cristina on 06 Apr 2016

You have probably found yourself at the airport more than once in your life, but it is still useful to repeat expressions and phrases, which can help you avoid hassle. So when you are at the airport, there are some stages you have to go through.

First of all, the CHECK-IN desk (the one you see when you enter the airport building with a long line of people with baggage standing in front of it). You will be asked to show your passport and ticket. Your bags and hand baggage (carry-on) will be weighed and you will be given a boarding pass (with the gate and seat number on it). You can hear the following phrases:

  • May I have your passport, please?
  • Are you checking any bags?
  • Place your bag on the scale, please.
  • What is your destination?
  • Here is your boarding pass – your flight leaves from gate 24 and it’ll begin boarding at 1:15. Your seat number is 23A.

You have to go through SECURITY then. At first you will need to put your bags and personal belongings through the X-ray machine and after that you will have to walk through the metal detector. The X-ray machine has a conveyor belt that moves your bags automatically through the machine. You can put small items like keys or glasses into plastic boxes. Here's what you can hear:

  • Do you have a laptop/ tablet? Please take it out.
  • Put your bag flat on the conveyor belt.
  • Please step forward/ Please step back.
  • Can I see your passport, Sir/ Madam?

After going trough the airport security you have to find your gate and wait for the flight there. Do not arrive late, as the gate will be closed and you will miss your flight. When the time comes, all passengers will embark on the airplane. You will have to show your passport and boarding pass. Here's what you might hear before and right after you board:

  • We would like to invite our first- and business-class passengers to board.
  • We would now like to invite all passengers to board.

The flight attendant will ask you:

  • Would you like chicken or pasta/fish/beef?
  • Anything to drink? Would you like some coffee/water/tea/juice?

When you arrive at your place of destination, you will need to pick up your bags at BAGGAGE CLAIM area. There is a moving baggage carrousel where you will have to find your bag.

Good luck and have a safe trip!