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Useful Vocabulary: Shopping for Clothes

Posted in English Language by Cristina on 15 Jul 2019

Shopping in the US can be rather confusing at first, especially if you don't understand what the salesperson tells you. However, the more times you go shopping and practice, the easier it will become. Finally, you will enjoy the process!

At the entrance the salesperson will greet you and let you know that he is there for you. If you are planning to buy several items, you can take a shopper bag (bigger stores can provide you with a cart as well).

Then you start browsing and looking for the things that might attract you. Things you can see at a clothes store: Men's Clothing (apparel), Women's wear (clothing) or Ladies' Clothing, Children's wear, Baby Clothing. When you find something you like, it is a good idea to find a fitting room and try it on.

You can ask:

  • Do you have a fitting room?
  • Where's the fitting room?
  • Can I try it on? (Can I try these on?)
  • Can you open a fitting room for me? (In some stores they are locked and you need assistance to get in). Clothes can fit you if they are the right size (XS for Extra-small, S for Small, M for Medium, L for Large, and XL for Extra-large). If you need a different size or color, you can ask:
  • Do you have this in size S (in size 4)?
  • Do you have it in a different color?

Don't forget that you can buy things cheaper when they are on SALE (50% discount or 20% off, for example) or, even better, on CLEARANCE SALE (it's the cheapest possible price). Then you can get a real BARGAIN, a GOOD DEAL, or a STEAL. However, if you think it's not a fair price, you can say it's OVERPRICED or a RIP OFF.

Another way to save yourself some money is shopping at an outlet mall. It might look like a regular mall, but there is one important difference: an outlet mall sells everything at a reduced price. You can spend the whole day walking around it and looking for a good deal. It’s a great place to look for sales. After you have found everything you need, you proceed to the cash register to pay for your purchase. Don't forget to keep the RECEIPT in case you want to return the item later. In the USA you can return unwashed and unworn items if you are unhappy with them.

Happy shopping!