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How to express joy and happiness

Posted in English Language by Cristina on 07 Mar 2016

We all use a lot of different interjections when we express emotions. These words have no grammatical meaning, however, they help express what we feel.

We can stretch them out both in speaking and writing to strengthen them, for example, "Ahhhhhhhh!"

So how do we express joy, excitement, and happiness? Here's a short list:

"Wow" is very commonly used, it means "amazing".

"Yay!" means approval, congratulations, or victory (For instance, "Yay, we won!")

"Hooray" (Hurrah, Huzzah) is an exclamation of joy.

"Whee" expresses enjoyment, especially by children. You can see this interjection in kids books a lot. You can also hear "Whoopee" and "Yippee", which express wild excitement or delight.

Interjections are not the only words we can use in these cases. We can also use idioms and phrases to talk about happiness and joy. For example, "Look at him, he is AS HAPPY AS A CLAM. (It means he is happy and content).

"When she said she would marry me, I was Doing CARTWHEELS" (I was extremely happy).

You can hear someone calling you "A HAPPY CAMPER". It just means that you are a happy person. You don't need to go camping to become one!

What are your favorite phrases to express joy and happiness? Do you use any interjections?