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Business Correspondence (part 1)

Posted in Business Language by Cristina on 23 Nov 2015

A lot of employees have to write formal letters at work almost every day, so I've decided to put together some tips for successful business correspondence.

TOP 5 TIPS for writing better business letters:


The style of business writing has recently changed. Instead of using jargon and sophisticated words you should choose lively, active words that every reader will understand easily. Organize your letter logically in paragraphs, so that the reader can understand your intentions and doesn't have to interpret them.


At every stage of your writing you should look and decide what can be removed (there will always be something!) Do not repeat the same idea again and again, do not write unnecessary sentences and needless paragraphs. Remove everything that doesn't help the reader to understand you better. Be specific and remember that reader's time is valuable!


Being correct refers to both facts and information as well as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. So you should double-check the facts (e.g. numbers, estimates, opinions) and thoroughly go over possible errors. Mistakes in writing leave a long-lasting negative impression, so proofread your letter!


You should always maintain a positive tone, it is much better to be friendly. So avoid negative words and expressions and instead of writing "I can't do it today!" you can always say "I think I will be able to do it tomorrow".


If you want some actions to be taken, you should be very persuasive about it. You should convince your reader that it is urgent or important. State clearly what your reader needs to do to achieve the desired result and then explain what you intend to do next to follow up.

I hope you will find these tips useful and in my next post I will provide you with phrases and templates to be used in business writing.