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Money: it can be saved, spent, 'blown,' and it can be budgeted. Americans like to do the same thing with their time. We plan our time carefully, giving the majority of our time to those people or things that we think deserve it the most. We hate blowing our time away, just like we hate blowing our money away (to 'blow it away' means to waste it). We never want to waste our time. We also budget (schedule) our time carefully, even for casual social gatherings. Let's say I'm having some friends over for a casual evening at my apartment. As an American, I will have a mental schedule of how the evening should go...

"Ok, at 7:00, people will start to arrive. I'd like for us to be eating by 7:20. We'll eat and talk until about 8:00, and then I'd like to start playing games. Once the games are coming to an end around 9:00, we'll have another hour or so for more conversation. Then it should be about time for people to start leaving."

For those of you who do not come from a time-oriented culture, this may be hard to understand. However, it seems to be ingrained in the life of an American. smile emoticon