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Even if you speak English fluently and confidently, there might happen situations when you don't understand what someone says. For example, you work in an office and often hear your co-workers use phrases and expressions which make absolutely no sense to you. Well, it's called "Business jargon" and it can be pretty annoying.

Business jargon (also known as "corporate jargon' or "business-speak") is a specialized language used by members of companies. It includes a lot of buzzwords and vogue words.

Here's a list of 10 expressions that I have come across lately in this respect:

  1. WIN-WIN situation - when you find a solution which satisfies all parties.

  2. Think outside the box - not to limit one's thinking, trying to find a creative, non-standard solution or idea

  3. Heavy lifting - the most complicated aspect of the job or project (it has nothing to do with heavy lifting at the gym though)

  4. To boil the ocean - trying to accomplish something impossible

  5. Drink our own champagne - when a company uses the same product as they sell to their clients ("champagne" here is not a French drink but rather a good product or service).

  6. Low-hanging fruit - use the simplest possible solution, make minimal effort

  7. Quick fix - to fix a problem temporarily rather than in the long term, as if applying a patch to a broken system

  8. Your take - it's your opinion/ perspective

  9. Touch base (reference to sports) - reach out, connect
    e.g. I will touch base with Jane on this issue at the end of the week.

  10. Reinvent the wheel - recreate something that already exists (I hope you understand that it's needless ).

Mark my words, a lot of people get annoyed when they hear these (and many more) phrases. So be careful not to overuse them.