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10 Halloween Symbols

Posted in American Culture by Cristina on 26 Oct 2016

Halloween is coming and you can see standard decorations and symbols of the holiday everywhere. In this post I will introduce you to 10 most common symbols of Halloween.

  1. Jack O'Lantern: The most common Halloween tradition is to carve a pumpkin and put a candle inside. So this carved pumpkin with a lit candle inside is called "Jack O'Lantern". They say that the tradition was brought to the USA from Ireland.

  2. Witches and broomsticks: Halloween witches are definitely evil and they can easily cast a spell on anyone they want. They can also turn into black cats and back. As for the broomstick, it is considered to be witch's most magical and powerful tool. Besides their rituals, witches also use broomsticks as vehicles.

  3. Skeletons, skulls, and bones - all of these symbols represent the end of the physical life and therefore, they are associated with Halloween.

  4. Ghost and gravestones: Forget about good and friendly ghosts when it comes to Halloween. Only bad and evil ghosts refer to the holiday. These are the poor souls which are trapped between this life and the next one. All they can do is wander around and scare everyone off.

  5. Black Cats: In general, black cats are associated with bad luck. Many of us won't let a black cat cross the street in front of us. And some of these cats can be witches, as you already know.

  6. Bats: Bats represent the dark and that's why we are scared of them sometimes. They are said to suck the victim's blood. And rumor has it, they can turn into vampires and back!

  7. Spiders and spiderweb: There is definitely something creepy about these creatures. And most of us don't really want to get into spider's web. It might be due to the fact that they are usually somewhere in dusty, dark, abandoned places.

  8. Orange and Black: These two colors represent Halloween for most of us. Well, orange is actually the color of the fall leaves, but I am sure we can think of a spookier explanation for that one:)

  9. Blood, vampires, mummies: During Halloween, mummies come alive and walk upon the earth, scaring people. I don't really think they can catch and hurt you as they are wrapped up in strings of cloth from their heads to toes. They can't be really fast, can they?

  10. Scarecrows: I personally don't find them scary at all. They are used more as decorations for the event. But I suppose birds and crows in particular, don't find them friendly, though.