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  • 5 Steps to Enhance Your English

    Posted in in English Language by Lindsey on 24 Aug 2011

    It is no secret that English is one the top most spoken languages in the world. As lists and numbers vary, English typically ranks as the third most spoken language to Mandarin Chinese (first) and Spanish (second). Ranking each of the worldly languages as to which is the most difficult to learn in not an easy task. The act of learning a language is incredibly subjective. I, however, did do a search to find out, that on a scale of one to five, with five being most difficult to learn, English scored a two. That score landed it amongst the easiest languages to learn. The article mentioned that English is a great language to add to your language repertoire because of its high use in international affairs ( shopping). According to this article, the most difficult languages to learn where tied between Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. Regardless of which language you choose to learn, here are five language learning tips to help you in your language learning process.

  • Books to be Replaced with Facebooks

    Posted in in Miscellaneous by Justin on 23 Aug 2011

    Technology has taken the driver seat in terms of furthering education. No longer are books revered as the treasure chest of information. Children are exposed at a very early age to the benefits and pitfalls of digital content. A recent study conducted by a British literacy charity has found the influence of technology on children's reading habits to be startling. "Schoolchildren are significantly more likely to be exposed to mobile phones and computers in the home than novels, according to researchers. They also found that reading frequency declined sharply with age, with 14 to 16 year–olds being more than 10 times as likely to avoid books altogether as those in primary education."

  • Culture Helps to Learn Languages

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 18 Aug 2011

    In order to understand the world, one must become engulfed with it. Learning a new language falls under this category. But simply going through the motions and practicing the vocabulary might not be enough. If you ask any language expert across the world how to most easily master a language, their response will be the same. Go to the country, immerse yourself in the culture, and experience it!

  • Health Care Options

    Posted in in Medical Careers by Lindsey on 17 Aug 2011

    In the world of health care, the career possibilities are endless. The beauty of the medical world, with all its career options, is that you can make your career your own. The difficulty is trying to narrow it down and determine which health care career path is the best one for you. Becoming either a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or a medical assistant are both great places to start.

  • Learning English Improves Employability

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 17 Aug 2011

    The English language is highly regarded as the language of choice for international air travel and air traffic control. But with the internet continually pressing on, English has established itself as the language of choice for professional organizations, ecommerce, and a high percentage of international businesses. Whether you want to excel in the international business world, or simply get your foot in the door, learning the English language is a good place to start.

  • The History of the English Language

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 16 Aug 2011

    The English language has a long history of change and progress. Being rooted around 450 AD in what is known as old English, today's modern English has come a long way. Scholars maintain that modern speakers would struggle to understand the basic tenants of old English. However, many of our most common words today (be, water, strong) are based on the earliest forms of the English language.

  • Language of Sports

    Posted in in English Language by Lindsey on 12 Aug 2011

    People all over the United States and the world engage in sports on a daily basis. Whether it is running, American football, soccer, baseball, hockey, or lacrosse, people from all over the world are able to interact with each other and enjoy a healthy activity. Whether it is a professional or community league, there is a good chance that you, as an athlete, will be playing with or against somebody who speaks another language. That is part of the beauty of being involved with sports. Everybody on a team or in a specific league does not need to speak the same language in order to enjoy the game and compete with each other. It is as though sports take on individual languages of their own.

  • Fictional Languages

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 11 Aug 2011

    Unfortunately, languages come and go. Some languages are very rare, and only spoken by a select few. Other languages have been forgotten over time and died out. Others are growing and expanding faster than teachers can teach. Each country has their own national language of choice. But as international business expands, so too must our vocabulary. But what about fictional languages?

  • Combining Lessons to Learn English

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 11 Aug 2011

    Getting a handle on the English language requires more than just memory work and speech recognition. In order for students to master English, they must get a hold of how the language impacts and impedes their daily lives. At SOLEX, students do more than just read over the cirriculum and learn vocabulary, they experience and grow with the language.

  • Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

    Posted in in English Language by Justin on 09 Aug 2011

    The English language is full of beautiful words, many adapted from other languages, and even more created each year. J.R.R. Tolkien claimed that "cellar door" was the most beautiful word or combination of words. So what's your favorite word?