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International students, do you want to study in the USA, experience American Culture and enhance your career opportunities through practical training? You can be legally employed in your chosen field for two years after nine months of study for your Associate degree on F-1 visa. To help you achieve your goals, we've partnered with schools in two amazing world-class cities: Los Angeles ORT College and Taylor Business Institute in Chicago!

SOLEX is an international brand thousands of students around the world know and trust since 1995. We work with established and accredited colleges and universities in Chicago, Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas in the U.S.A. to provide the best student experience for you! English as a Second Language (ESL), career and degree programs, pathway to major 4-year American universities – you choose your track with SOLEX.

Contact us today, because with SOLEX you can get:

· U.S. Employment Authorization. International F-1 visa students can legitimately apply and receive an authorization to work on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) after one academic year (9 month).

· U.S. Social Security Card (SSN) with certain conditions.

· CPT. After one year of full-time studies an F-1 visa student can receive a part-time CPT for 20 hours per week or less. The U.S. Employment authorization through CPT allows international students to make money to help cover the costs of their education and gain valuable work experience in the U.S.A.

· OPT (Optional Practical Training). International students in the U.S. on valid F-1 visas are permitted to work off-campus on OPT for up to 12 months after completion of their degree.

· Experienced and highly trained multilingual admission staff. We serve you in your language, in a personable, detailed and well-regarded in the industry fashion. We will guide you through the entire process of getting an F-1 visa.

· Regionally and nationally accredited colleges, fully authorized by U.S. government to accept non-immigrant students. Education credits transferable to other colleges and universities.

· Affordable tuition for all, grants available for select circumstances.

· Small-size schools with convenient downtown campus locations, available day/evening schedule, close to transportation, with personalized staff attention and ready access to administrators and faculty.

· Useful degrees in Business, Medicine, Information Technology, Accounting and other subjects. ESL is available for all levels of English proficiency.

· And many other advantages!

Today,  SOLEX Global invites students to Los Angeles ORT College and Taylor Business Institute in Chicago! Two amazing world-class cities are waiting for you! 

LA ORT is a non-profit organization that offers English Language Programs with flexible scheduling at an affordable rate.

TBI promotes programs that prepare students to successfully transition into the American mainstream or other colleges within the United States.