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Navy Pier turns 100 years

Posted in Life in Chicago by Stefanie on 13 Jun 2016

Navy Pier has been a part of Chicago’s history since 1916. Now turning 100 years old, it is one of the most visited places in the city. There are a lot of options of things to do there, such as; family attractions, the IMAX theater, a food court, gift shops, boat tours and rentals, and perhaps the most popular attraction of all, the Ferris Wheel. Since it first opened on 1995, more than 16 million people have enjoyed the beautiful views of the skyline on this wonderful ride.

The Ferris Wheel is now supplanted by the Centennial Wheel, a new, modern and higher version. Standing at 196 feet of high with 42 gondolas, this wheel has even changed from its the traditional red color and started to wear navy blue. The new gondolas are enclosed, with A/C and a multimedia entertainment system. This means that each gondola has video screens which play interesting facts about the Centennial Wheel during the ride.

The Centennial Wheel is equipped with individual seats, 8 in total. The previous wheel only had bench seats that accommodated fewer people. Another difference is that the new wheel is operating with a start and stop system, giving the riders about three or four rotations. This system stops the wheel seven times, giving the riders the opportunity to not only enjoy the view a few more times, but to get better pictures, too!

Proudly, the new Centennial Wheel is one of the top six tallest Wheels in the United States, what gives you another reason to do not miss the opportunity of riding it. Did I mention that the view is spectacular? After your ride, you can take a boat tour or enjoy the famous churros with ice cream just in front of the Wheel. Enjoy your visit!