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How to have a great picnic

Posted in Life in Chicago by Stefanie on 06 Jun 2016

There are several activities that people in the city love to do, such as: going to the beach, playing sports outside like volleyball, tennis, and soccer, eating or drinking on a restaurant patio, watching fireworks, having a barbecue, and of course, going on a picnic with family or friends.

Picnics are the perfect excuse for being outside and enjoying the weather without complications. Planning a picnic is extremely easy: It consists of bringing some food or snacks to share, sitting a blanket and relaxing all day while chatting or playing some games. For example, board games, ballgames and frisbees are some popular activities for picnics. It is also super-easy to plan what kind of food you want to take. Sandwiches, fruits, chips and dips, cookies and donuts are all very common. The less complicated, the better.

At Solex College, we decided to go on our first picnic of the season, but this time, we thought we would do something different, something that would turn an ordinary day into a fantastic one. A Solexian (as we call our students) came up with a very great and unique idea: Make some big bubbles. She was amazing. She made the bubble wands by herself with some sticks and rope, and a solution with distilled water, glycerin, and dishwasher.

Making bubbles at Maggie Daley Park, behind the famous Millennium Park with The Bean, was a lot of fun, a perfect excuse to get together with other students. We passed the day getting to know each other and eating snacks. Solex College has students from so many different countries, who are all connected by one language in common: English. So, what could be better than having fun together beyond the classrooms?