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The Chicago Riverwalk

Posted in Life in Chicago by Cristina on 17 Nov 2016

The Chicago Riverwalk is a beautiful open pedestrian waterfront which is located in downtown Chicago. It stretches from Lake Shore Drive to Franklin street and it is referred to as "the second lakefront" of the city. You can walk along the Riverwalk and find numerous restaurants and bars, boat tours, kayak rentals, and other activities here.

The Chicago Riverwalk has been under construction for quite a long time. The construction went through a series of stages and last weekend hundreds of Windy City-dwellers took advantage of the warm fall weather to check out the third and final phase of the Chicago Riverwalk. It is now extended to Lake street.

This is a perfect place to choose if you want to go on a picturesque stroll with an amazing view of the downtown skyscrapers, bridges, and the river, of course. You can also go on a segway tour, rent a kayak, or go for a run if feel like it - the choice is endless.