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Break the goat curse!

Posted in Life in Chicago on 03 Nov 2016

Who would have thought that an unsuspecting goat could play such an important part in Chicago Cubs history, and be connected to a curse that haunted the team and halted any attempt at winning the World Series? For 71 years, Cubs fans have attributed this curse to a goat, whose owner was asked to leave Wrigley Field because his pet was annoying the other fans with his odor. He levied a curse upon the Cubs, saying they would never win a World Series again.

After 108 years of waiting, hoping, holding our breaths (and blaming the goat), the Chicago Cubs turned the curse into a challenge and won! They didn't listen to the goat or wait for a miracle - they took up the challenge and achieved success by hard work and determination.

Break the "curse" that holds you back from attaining your life's dreams; your hard work will propel you to success and help you reach your goals.

For years people blamed the goat. Are you up to the challenge?